The home to the world’s largest cattle herd to test Rumin8’s methane reducing feed additive

8 November 2022

Australian climate technology company Rumin8 is set to commence a trial of its methane reducing feed additive in Brasil, the home of the world’s largest beef cattle herd.

The Company has signed a trial agreement with the Sao Paulo State University (UNESP) to undertake an extensive herd-based trial in a pasture-dominant grazing system.

The trial is notable for its size with 63 performance cattle and an equal control amount for maintaining continuous grazing and stocking rates. The performance animals will be assessed for a large range of measurements (ranging from weight gain and methane reduction to nitrogen retention, microbial fermentation and change in volatile fatty acids).

“The trial is led by Prof. Ricardo Andrade Reis who is world renowned for his work in the measurement of methane in grazing animals, and the technical integrity of this trial reflects that professionalism and will provide a scientifically robust data set,” said Rumin8 Managing Director David Messina.

“It is an extremely detailed study which we anticipate will lay the foundation for product registration in Brasil.

“Brasil possesses the largest beef cattle herd in the world, so is an important potential market for Rumin8. For that reason, we have opted for a pastured-based trial to mirror the predominant beef production system in Brasil, but will extend to a feedlot-based trial at the conclusion of the initial phase.”

A number of the trial and control cattle will be fistulated (surgically fitted with a canula to prove direct access to the rumen) to achieve a full understanding of the metabolic and microbial changes in the animals.

The trial is due to commence in late 2022 and run for 130 days. Rumin8’s feed additive will be blended through a commercially available mineral supplement for the cattle to consume.

The Brasil trial is in addition to separate animal trials currently underway with the Universities of Central Queensland, New England and Murdoch (WA).

Download the press release as a PDF.

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