Work with Rumin8

Rumin8 is home to passionate people who believe in our vision to accelerate a pathway to a world with a secure, climate-optimal food system.

Our team has remarkable potential for impact as we target the 3.7% of total climate emissions caused by the global livestock population. Our solution can change the world. At Rumin8, you are part of that solution, spending your days working on one of humankind’s biggest challenges. Here, you will influence the future of our planet.

Our core values

Adapt to thrive

We wield dynamic adaptability as a tool to our success in ever-changing demands and conditions. If we fail to adapt and flex into change, we hinder our ability to succeed.

Collaborate to exceed

We collaborate for synergistic outcomes, magnifying the effect of our individual efforts when combined with others. As a team, we aim to exceed our definition of success.

Passion in all we do

Passion is woven into our work and our purpose: we should be deeply invested and attuned to outcomes for the planet and from our labor. When we are doing great and important work that intrinsically and extrinsically rewards us, passion is inevitable.

Lead with action

Our team has a bias for action. We favor making decisions and then acting on them – rather than sitting with ideas – because this produces outcomes.

Citizenship through integrity

We have earned our seat at the table – our citizenship – in the scientific community and the industry via honesty, trust, and ethical behavior. Our citizenship to these spaces is privileged and gained because we can be trusted to do and say the right thing all the times.

Who you are

You believe that mitigating climate change and reversing anthropogenic emissions is one of the most important challenges of this century. You thrive working on big, audacious problems that need equally big, audacious solutions. You run on a bias for deliberate action and take a collaborative leadership approach. You excel across many areas and have deep expertise in one or two; accordingly, you can flex into priorities and pivot on a dime if needed to. Your ego is checked at the door: no one here says, “that’s not in my job description” because saving the planet is everyone’s responsibility.

What we offer

We are building a people-first culture to support that takes a holistic approach to performance, development, and growth within the company. Additionally, you can expect a suite of benefits and perks that is evolving as the company grows.

Competitive salary

Remote work in approved time zones


Mission driven work for a critical cause