Rumin8 welcomes $87 million funding allocation to the CRC for Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture

15 December 2023

Australian climate technology company Rumin8 welcomes the decision by the Australian Government to provide $87 million in funding to the CRC for Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture to further develop and scale up technologies to reduce methane emissions from grazing cattle and sheep, and to improve crop quality and production.

Having just returned from COP28 in Dubai, Rumin8 CEO David Messina said many exciting technologies were emerging to achieve net zero, but getting them to sufficient scale and to market was proving difficult.

“Progressing an innovative product to market requires a combination of a good idea followed by hard work to prove it and develop it into commercial reality,” Mr Messina said. “Both are difficult.

“It is pleasing that the Government has recognised that agriculture can play a role in achieving net zero, but for any innovations to move the needle, they must be adopted at scale.

“There’s a range of factors that influence adoption and that will be one of the challenges the CRC is seeking to address.”

Rumin8 is a supporting partner of the CRC for Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture.

“Rumin8 shares very similar goals with the CRC for Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture so it makes sense that we partner to assist each other to pursue our combined objectives,” Mr Messina said.

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