Rumin8 expands global footprint to the United States to address large climate conscious market

30 November 2022

Australian climate technology company Rumin8 is taking its methane reducing feed additive to the United States, opening an office in San Francisco, Northern California.

Rumin8’s expansion to the United States provides the Company with exposure to a significant source of capital for climate technology start ups from climate impact funds, as well as proximity to a large market of sophisticated beef and dairy industry participants seeking to reduce their impact on global warming.

Rumin8 Chief Commercial Officer Kosta Stavreas said the Company’s expansion to the United States coincide with significant investment from the US Department of Agriculture in market opportunities for American agriculture participants to be leaders in climate-smart agricultural production.

“The appetite for methane reducing solutions is astounding in the US market and participants in both dairy and beef have pushed open a door for us to enter the market,” he said.

Mr Stavreas will head up Rumin8 USA as well as leading Rumin8’s commercial expansion.

“It’s an exciting time to be in the US with growing interest from the private sector to develop these technologies, as well as producers being open to trying new solutions that will help reduce livestock greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

“The new office will be a base for the Americas and help us to work regionally with key markets where there are more than 400 million head of cattle concentrated across a small number of countries.”

Rumin8 Managing Director David Messina said the expansion supported Rumin8’s strategy to grow its presence in key markets.

“The United States has the second largest cattle herd in the world, so it is an important potential market for Rumin8,” Mr Messina said.

“With growing appetites for climate smart solutions, we are happy to be expanding our footprint to bring more methane reducing products to more producers.”

The investment landscape for climate technology is expanding rapidly, with the San Francisco Bay Area ranked as one of the top five global investment hubs attracting venture capital, presenting an opportunity for Rumin8.

“The Bay Area is naturally geared to take the lead on new technologies and solutions, so it’s the perfect place for Rumin8 to be,” Mr Messina said.

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