Drawing on a decade of R&D.

We are developing new feed supplements for livestock.

Our climate friendly supplements consistently and drastically reduce methane emissions in livestock so the otherwise lost energy can now increase animal productivity.

We have drawn on a decade of research and development which identified plants – from seaweed and native Australian vegetation – that reduce methane emissions from livestock. This research has provided Rumin8 the foundation to achieve an accelerated pathway to commercialization.

Short and long-term laboratory trials have demonstrated consistent and persistent reduction in ruminant methane by more than 95 per cent.

Live animal trials with sheep, dairy and beef cattle are ongoing.

Science. Safety. Sustainability.

By collaborating with independent research partners who are experts in the field, we can ensure the rigorous, robust and autonomous testing of all our products.

Nature inspired supplements

We use patent-protected technology and the team’s expertise in stabilizing bioactive compounds found in nature.

This allows for an effective, low cost, consistent, scalable, pharmaceutical grade solution to a global problem.

Our technology stabilizes the compounds found in certain plants to develop a range of feed supplements that specifically target the methanogenic pathways in livestock rumen.

By reducing ruminant methane, we enable the animal to convert this otherwise lost energy into compounds that can be utilised productively by the animal, resulting in increased animal productivity and creating a compelling value proposition for farmers.

Reproducing the target compound from the plant, rather than mass producing the plant itself, means agriculture, the world’s oldest industry, is providing solutions to address today’s climate challenges.

Our first product in development is a bromoform-based feed additive. Bromoform is the bioactive in the red seaweed, Asparagopsis. We’ve created a liquid, a solid and a slow-release formulation.